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A CommLinks Book Review

With the recent Communication Links “Big Move,” the continuing Global Pandemic, and ever-present parental duties, stress has become a permanent fixture in our New Normal. Having reached my stress limit, I recently turned to the self-help section of Amazon and…
Ben Reynolds
March 21, 2021
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Tom & Jerry’s Big Adventure

Contrary to what my wife believes, the CommLinks team has interests beyond golf. Take this past weekend for example. Friend and Scottsdale-based writer Tom Mackin joined me for an adventure (somewhat) worthy of Indiana Jones. After reading about a collection…
Jerry Rose
February 23, 2021
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The Show Goes On

My first Phoenix Open as a Thunderbird seems like a lifetime ago. We celebrated my daughter’s first birthday there in 1998 with melting ice cream and cake at the House and Grounds trailer on the 18th fairway.
Dave Gilbertson
January 22, 2021