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Visual content is now rushing in to fill the digital space, and it’s never been easier or more cost effective to produce it. Gathering, editing, producing, photo-shopping, scripting, planning and placing still images and video to tell your story is one of our primary duties.

Still images

Our in-house photographer is adept at capturing a variety of DSLR-quality images used for everything from brochures to web pages. Careful consideration of color, composition, angles, lighting and other tricks of the trade combine to create great photography.


It’s not always feasible or necessary to get original shots in every case. That’s when we dive into our stock image library to get the shot needed to spruce up anything from a webpage to an email message.


Today, television broadcasting has been supplanted by time-and-place-shifting, multi-casting technologies streamed on large-screen panels as well as computers, tablets and smartphones.

Nearly two billion unique users visit YouTube each month; more than one billion hours of videos are watched each day; 400 hours of new videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute; and 70 percent of all videos are consumed on mobile devices.

Communication Links believes well-produced videos serve many purposes. They may appear on your YouTube channel, embedded on your website, shared across social media channels and promoted through your email marketing. We have the in-house and third-party resources to write, plan, shoot, edit and publish your video content.

Production & Editing

Producing quality video and still images isn’t as easy as simply pushing a few buttons. In terms of video, we first clearly define our goal and what constitutes reaching it. With the likely audience in mind, we then define the central message, come up with ideas and storylines. Then we create a script and storyboards before beginning to shoot. After reviewing the footage, we edit and add any animation or voiceover to create the final product.