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Paid advertising provides a focused and targeted approach to marketing. Our dedicated advertising team holds the reins on millions of dollars in advertising assets in both domestic and international markets.

Media Planning

We specialize in developing an overarching advertising strategy to meet revenue and branding/awareness goals. A strong understanding of negotiating rates and added value, buying, trafficking and placement is key to success, as well as ongoing management of the advertising plan and performance assessment and results reporting.


Once the budget is in place, the plan is finalized and the creative is approved, it’s time to distribute the ads to their target outlets. It’s a juggling act with many moving parts which requires vigilance and attention to detail to meet deadlines and satisfy ad creative specifications.

Print & Digital

Traditional print ads run the gamut from magazines to giant billboards, which are still very effective under the right circumstances. We also carve up the pie to include a healthy share of digital advertising opportunities such as pay-per-click and programmatic advertising to harness its precise lead targeting, cost efficiencies, interactivity, fast reaction times, trackable results and return on investment.


Television and radio advertising continues to be an effective focus of the advertising picture. With full audio/visual capabilities to go along with professional scripting and voiceover services, we bring your message to customers whether they are on the road or in their living rooms.