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Content is a broad category that covers video, still images, copywriting, printed collateral, signage and other communications. And with the rise of websites, social media and email marketing, it’s never been easier or more convenient to develop a steady stream of content to inform, entertain, and most importantly, sell products and services to the public.


In terms of the media, we craft press releases and pitch emails in the objective AP-style language journalists speak to establish the kind of credibility and professionalism that gives them the confidence to “pick up” our stories and tell them to their viewers/readership.


After decades of telling our clients’ stories, Communication Links understands what content will move the needle in terms of reader/viewer interest for the golf, lodging, real estate, hospitality and other industries.

Our in-house writers have the ability to not only produce high quality copywriting, they also place the content on the web, print, broadcast, or any outlet where your customers consume media. And we’re experts at weaving different types of content together in terms of video production/distribution and photography, blogging, social media consultation and execution and editorial copy.


We work closely with our graphic design team to produce attractive printed sales and promotional items such as brochures, billboards, direct mail, posters and flyers geared towards customers as well as pieces such as employee handbooks, notification memos and best practices guides to improve performance and facilitate communication between management and staff.

Speech Writing

Public speaking is one of the most nerve-racking duties. Proper preparation dramatically reduces stress and contributes to a positive outcome. Professional speech writing is the first step. Part art and part science, effective speeches tell a story that elicits an emotional response while informing as well. We will help you get the crowd’s attention and leave them wanting more.