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When prospective customers hear about you, the first thing they do is visit your website to learn more about your company. What will they see when they get there?

Your website is your key inbound marketing platform, with an eye-catching and interactive description of what you do and the products or services you offer. It’s the way your customers will engage with your calls to action, sign up for email communications, request more information through on-page forms or even buy something from you. It’s vital to make a strong first impression, and in most cases, your website is where that happens.

Hosting Management

In addition to constantly updating the technology in-house, we host dozens of client websites with GoDaddy. It’s a cost-effective, local, 24/7, well-respected vendor with a solid track record of being tech savvy and customer-focused. And, because of our large hosting portolio, we receive upgraded support services which instantly connects us to seasoned support professionals.   

Design & Build

Communication Links builds new websites from scratch, but we also transform outdated websites into more modern and powerful touchpoints. This includes re-designing and building websites in responsive, mobile-friendly ways that render on any device. From hosting to planning, to building your web infrastructure and writing search-engine-friendly content, our team of experts can deliver.

Website Management

It’s essential to manage the “backend” of websites to maintain the hosting platform to ensure that website files and databases are backed up and optimized at least weekly. Other regular monthly duties we handle include keeping WordPress updated to the latest versions along with all plugins as recommended by the software providers. And we update the theme framework as the developer releases newer versions.


We monitor all our managed websites every day for web security breaches, and work in conjunction with security software to permanently block IP addresses that are being used by hackers anywhere in the world. Should the website be breached, Communication Links will immediately restore the website to its original state from back-up files .