Better on the Wall than in the Drawer

By October 13, 2022 CommLinks Blog

I had kept the attested scorecards…One with my seven-year Saturday golfing buddy Art Tregenza, and the other by Bart Bartholomew, who’s been in my Sunday group for almost four years. The photos were shot by each of them as I picked up the golf ball, and they were stored in my iCloud account. Hadn’t even seen them in years. The pin flags and two golf balls were rolled up in the back of a drawer in my home office; I kept thinking I’ll get to them someday.

Well, I was looking for something in the drawer a couple of weeks ago and pulled them out onto the floor, and my wife walked in and said, “Are you ever going to do anything with those or let them collect dust?” Robert Sluznis was in our office a few weeks ago delivering some framed photos for Dave, so I asked Robert if he had time to chat about my personal project. 

Considering the quality of work he’s done for us and our clients over the last couple of decades, I thought I’d get his take. We laid out the components on the floor of my office for one of the holes-in-one (pin flag, score card, golf ball, commemorative photo taken by my golf partners, and the idea of a brass plaque), and he looked at it for a moment and said, “I’ve got it. I know what you want.” He knew exactly how a golfer wants to memorialize one of golf’s great thrills…a hole-in-one. The fact I had two of them in successive years at Grayhawk on two separate par 3s (#8 and #17), and they were just sitting in a drawer, I didn’t haggle over price. It seemed fair for the incredible quality of his work.

I am so glad I did it. Now I have to remove two beautiful old, framed golf and matted prints of 19th century golfers in Scotland to make room for them, but now I just have to figure out where to put those because you KNOW which ones I want to feature on the wall!