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CommLinks Stands with the Arizona Alliance for Golf

By June 18, 2021August 7th, 2022Client News, CommLinks Blog

As huge proponents of the game we love, Communication Links is proud to stand with the Arizona Alliance for Golf and their mission to find a common-sense solution approaching water resource allocation decisions. Left alone, these decisions could severely and negatively affect our game and the businesses that support us.

The Arizona Alliance for Golf is a coalition of like-minded organizations and individuals dedicated to the game, the various industries it supports and the people who love and depend on it. Through leadership, stewardship and commitment, the AAG aims to protect, promote and prepare the game for a bright and fruitful future for generations to come.

Here are some quick stats on the economic impact of golf in the State of Arizona.

  • Contributes $4.6B annually to the Arizona economy
  • Supports 51,000 direct jobs
  • Supports hospitality and restaurant businesses as many rely on golf travelers
  • Generates more than $380 million in annual tax revenues for Arizona

There are 10 million rounds played annually in Arizona and 500,000 active Arizona resident golfers. Golf is a key economic driver and represents less than 2% of the state’s water usage.

Water Is a Complicated Issue

Water continues to be one of the most complicated – and political – policy issues in the state. The Alliance’s work on behalf of many industry groups will help position the game of golf as an authoritative voice on policy conversations in the years to come. The Alliance remains focused on ensuring a viable path for golf and the state on the 5th Management Plan and the coming Drought Contingency Plan and looks forward to even greater engagement from the industry on issues that stand to have a tremendous impact on our business, which fully drives the $4.6 billion in annual economic impact and is a defining element of Arizona’s identity.

As an industry, we have been good stewards of Arizona golf, but many people, elected and appointed government officials and even some players don’t understand the extraordinary lengths Arizona golf courses go to conserve water. The industry works collaboratively with various regulatory agencies, including the Arizona Department of Water Resources who is tasked with applying water allocation limits for the industry when the plan takes effect on January 1, 2025.

In an effort to bring unity and cohesion to the various voices within the golf industry, the Arizona Alliance for Golf is working to position the industry to achieve a win-win outcome that will allow golf to continue to be economically viable, while also helping the ADWR meet its statutory conservation goal.

Uniting as a coalition under the Alliance, which is free to all, provides us our best opportunity for fair representation in the upcoming water resource allocation conversations.

The allied associations encompass some of the most prominent and influential golf organizations in the state including the Arizona Golf Association, the Club Management Association of America, First Tee of Phoenix, Golf Course Superintendents Association – Cactus and Pine, the Junior Golf Association of Arizona, the Arizona Chapter of the National Golf Course Owners Association and the Southwest Section PGA.

Every golfer is an important part of the Arizona Alliance for Golf. Join the 500,000 other golfers in Arizona as a united voice to protect the game, promote its positive impact in our communities and prepare the road ahead for future generations.

Click the button below to join the Arizona Alliance for Golf and stand united as one voice.