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Every Golfer is Reachable, and it’s Affordable

By February 22, 2019June 1st, 2020CommLinks Blog

After you read this piece, you’ll likely jump to another website through a hyper link, a new browser tab from our friends at Google, or open your mobile device to your favorite news app, mindless game or music streaming service. All of these have more in common than ones and zeroes and hypertext markup language (HTML). In fact, you may not even notice the most common theme throughout the entire World Wide Web: Ads.

A recent study on Google – the world’s largest search engine and owner of YouTube – suggests the super-colossal ogre of organic search serves nearly 30 billion ads per day. Say it with me. Thirty. Billion. Ads. Per. Day. There are 7.7 billion people on earth, 3.5 billion of which have the internet, meaning each internet user – on average – sees around six ads per day. In practice, it’s a whole lot more.

At first glance, the sheer volume of messages weaving their way through cyberspace is enough to make your head spin. Most of these ads are served by Google and other programmatic (artificial intelligence software) firms with myriad targeting functions. It’s a mouthful, and a lot to digest at first, but as a marketer – or a golf course operator – you would be remiss not to take a second look, ignore the noise and ask yourself how you can take advantage of the incredible advancements in digital advertising.

Is it expensive? No. Is it a shotgun approach hoping to hit individual targets? No. Programmatic advertising is the most cost effective approach to golf course marketing to date. If you serve banner ads and pre-roll video correctly, you reduce your advertising waste to almost nothing.

According to the National Golf Foundation, there were nearly 27 million United States citizens who played golf last year, or roughly eight percent of the population. We’ll use this as a benchmark. There are 1.6 million people who live in the Phoenix Metro area, and according to our benchmark, that means there are roughly 130,000 golfers living in the Valley of the Sun. What, on earth, would it cost to reach all of these people on a monthly basis? Forty grand? Fifty? Try $1,300.

For just more than grand, you can put your message in front of each and every golfer in Arizona, so why aren’t you? Here at Communication Links, our golf marketing expertise and knowledge can help you reach those golfers, and we’ll do it right.