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What’s a Browser?

By November 26, 2017October 20th, 2020The Tech Lab

I was part of the decision-making that led to the transformation of the original Netscape Browser into what is today known as Firefox. That took place in 2001 when we spun the entire browser team out of Netscape and provided the initial round of funding to set up the Mozilla Foundation. Firefox came two years later in 2003 using the Gecko rendering engine that was part of Netscape 6.0. I’m still a Firefox loyalist to this day.

With the release of Firefox Quantum (Firefox 57.0), the Mozilla team has really gone back to what made Firefox so good in the past…fast, not controlled by Google and open source-created through an organization that cares about everyone’s browsing experience. They are now using the Servo rendering engine to replace many parts of the now-antiquated Gecko engine. Progress…sometimes you must give up the past to move into the future. About time.

Hope you’ll try the upgrade to Firefox 57.0. I’ve been on it most of the day today, and it is awesome!