What Tiger’s 2019 MASTERS Victory Means to Us

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Just about everyone in offices around the country are gathered around the water cooler talking about one of two things – Tiger’s 15th Major victory at the 2019 Masters, or the last season of Game of Thrones. We’re in the golf industry, so we’re all pretty giddy about the former. We’ll save the latter for the White Walkers.

Here’s what Tiger’s win at Augusta meant to us at Commlinks.


“I grew up watching Tiger play the game and have always been amazed at how much better and more dominant he was than the rest of the field. Part of me thinks being a Tiger fan is like being a Yankee fan, but I don’t care. I’m pumped to see him win again.”


“It’s the greatest comeback in sports history, a moment I will never forget. Being able to hug my daughter and share that moment with her is something I will cherish forever. TFW!”


“I’ve never been the biggest Tiger fan, but yesterday was exciting and seeing his genuine reaction on the 18th green was refreshing. I have to admit; the PGA TOUR is more interesting with Tiger competing. It’s gonna be fun to watch the rest of the season.”


“Growing up just 40 miles from Augusta National, I was able to attend The Masters for many years. I was behind the ropes following Jack, Arnie, Gary, Lee and so many other icons of golf from another era. They had swagger, charisma and they clearly had game. They got me into the game as a 10-year old. But, nothing then, and nothing now, equals the sheer joy I felt in watching Tiger’s win on Sunday. He’s proven that the lowest of the lows can be overcome if there’s a focused goal, strong personal commitment and family, friends and a team who provide support. This is one of the most inspiring sports stories I have ever experienced. Watching some of the game’s current generation of young players standing outside waiting to congratulate Tiger reinforces what he has meant to the game of golf, and how he motivated them growing up. Not every leader is loved, but a real leader is respected. Tiger fits that to a tee.”


“It’s no secret that I have never been a huge Tiger fan. But I gotta admit, I have enjoyed watching him transform into a better human over the past couple years. I rooted for him this weekend and had a tear in my eye as he embraced his kids. Then, chuckled at myself an hour later as I could not believe I was watching the rebroadcast. Same guy won the second time!”


“Tiger’s comeback victory is probably one of the best sports stories I’ve seen in my lifetime.”


“I went from ‘he’ll be back’ to ‘he’s not coming back’ to ‘he’s frickin’ back!’ Simply incredible.”


“Tiger winning is good for the game. Love him or hate him, he boosts the broadcast numbers and excites the younger generations of golf fans. He’s good for golf. Period.”


“I was so glad to see Tiger win the masters, but now that it’s over, I get to watch the Game of Thrones premier.”