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A lot of social media professionals (those who do social media for a living) are looking for answers to a couple of very interesting questions: what’s the best time to tweet on Twitter, and to share a post on Facebook? There are a number of research studies beginning to provide some clarity on these and other issues so that companies and individuals can be make more effective use of their time and resources.

In an infographic report (at the top of this post) by KISSMetrics, with data supplied by Dan Zarella, we’re getting some useful quantitative data to answer a few of those questions. Different industry sectors may show anomalies to the latest research trends, and the demographics and geographics of those consuming social media will also show some scattering above or below these trends lines. But, the broader findings in this Science of Social Timing infographic indicate that:

  • The best time to tweet is 5PM ET
  • 1 to 4 tweets per hour is ideal
  • The best days to tweet are midweek and on the weekends
  • The best day to share on Facebook is Saturday
  • The best time to share on Facebook is Noon ET

Does this mean that you should not tweet in the morning, or share posts on Facebook on Monday nights? Of course not. But, the overwhelming evidence is that consumers have many conflicting media choices during each week day or weekend, and unless they are totally consumed by social media and ignore their families, friends and other business or social obligations, certain consumption patterns emerge that are worth considering.

I’ve reproduced the entire infographic above so you can see more detail.