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Schaffer’s Mill Website Launch

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We are happy to announce the launch of a website for the Schaffer’s Mill community in Lake Tahoe.

In a recent post we mentioned that we were hired to rebrand Timilick, a fantastic four-season community located near the historic town of Truckee in North Lake Tahoe’s Martis Valley. We re-branded the community and club as Schaffer’s Mill after George Schaffer, the “father of Truckee.” With the re-brand came the new name, new logo, new clubhouse (under way, and expected to be completed in 2013), new home-site plans, and a fancy new website to tie it all together in one informative place.

The build was under a relatively tight deadline, especially considering it’s a new community and all the copy for each page had to be created from scratch by our word smith Rob. Also, golf season is rapidly approaching in the Truckee area and the client needed it to be ready and launched pre-season. Tight deadline aside, the project proved to be a fun one and everyone here, along with the client, couldn’t be happier with the final product.

The aesthetic of the website was to have a rustic and “woodsy” yet modern feel that has large stunning imagery to showcase the beauty and openness of the area. With the dramatic imagery we also hoped to emphasize the incredible list of amenities available to the visitor of Schaffer’s Mill. Below are a couple screen shots to show what it looks like but feel free to check out the real thing at and let us know what you think in the comment box below.