Well-crafted collateral material combines written content and visual appeal to inform customers about products and services, creates awareness and calls the reader to some form of action. These Calls to Action can direct the consumer to pick up the phone, fill out an interest form, purchase a product or service or visit your website. Although there are many ways to generate sales, the purpose of collateral is to support sales efforts by educating and building your company’s credibility. Collateral comes in many shapes and sizes with the most common types including sales brochures, flyers, fact sheets, posters, signage, sales presentations, sales scripts, product or service demonstrations and mailable direct marketing pieces.

In the digital world, the latest innovation is to bring collateral to life as a high quality, magazine-like “flip book” which allows you to embed the collateral on a website page, in your email marketing or on your Social Media sites.

Below are just a few examples of collateral pieces created by the Commlinks team.

Print Collateral

Digital Collateral