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Now that the weather is PERFECT, my 4-some thought it’d be nice to walk tomorrow instead of taking a golf cart. When I made my tee time, I inquired as to the golf course’s walking policy. “Sorry, you have to take a cart” was the friendly reply from the golf shop attendant. I told him we were perfectly fine with paying the posted rate and we were not looking for a discount – we just wanted to walk. “No sir, you must take a golf cart.”

Are you kidding me? Being in the golf industry, I really thought we had overcome this two-decade-old thinking. So, my curiosity is piqued, I blow off my “to-do” list for a short while and proceed to do a little snooping around. Since the majority of my play is on higher-end, daily fee courses, I polled 20 of them from across the Valley.

Pleasantly, 10 said they do allow walking (five of whom told me no at first, but when politely pressed, put me on hold and came back with “I guess we do if you pay full fee.”)

But 10 said no. Ten. HALF. Five said it was a “pace of play” issue and five simply said “that’s our policy.” Well, neither answer was quite good enough, so I prodded some more. Each of the five courses who said “it’s a pace of play” issue said that my walking 4-some would hold up the groups behind me. I’m wondering, have they ever tried? Do they really know that a walking 4-some would take more time to complete a round than a group in golf cars? And the five who answered that “it’s just policy” couldn’t give me an answer as to why that was policy.

Every single person I know who likes to walk instead of take a golf car can complete their round as quickly as the group in front of them who’s riding in a golf car. Ten golf courses just lost our business. Wait. They didn’t lose our business. They didn’t even want it. Really? Is it just me?