It’s been a wild ride: Looking Back at 20 years in Business

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March 1st is Communication Links’ 20th anniversary, and brother…It’s been a wild ride. What was envisioned as a temporary gig that would last just long enough for the two 30-something founders to land real jobs has turned into a labor of love for Mike, Dave and the rest of the CommLinks team.

We’ve been fortunate to have some really good folks believe in us and to entrust us with helping them make their dreams come true. We’re honored to have been part of all of our clients’ successes, and truthfully, they’ll never know how much their trust has meant to us. It’s not just that they make it possible for us to have a pay check somewhat regularly. They’ve given us the opportunity to raise our families, build wonderful lives and have some really good times doing work we believe in.

So to all of our clients…thanks for 20 great years. And, remember the invoices are due Net 30. Just kidding. Sorta.