In Memory of Erica Blasberg

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Although The Clog will rarely, if ever, address a topic as tragic as this, I felt compelled to comment about the passing of Erica Blasberg. After weeks of investigation, her death was ruled a suicide. What a kick to the gut! There is just no way to fully comprehend the loss to the game and to everyone who knew her. And even some who didn’t.

Roughly a decade ago, I was working at Grayhawk Golf Club as an outside service punk during the Thunderbird International Junior, one of the majors on the American Junior Golf Association’s (AJGA) annual schedule of events. One afternoon, part of my job was to make sure the practice tee was fully stocked with balls for the juniors, and given their propensity to practice, they had me hopping. As the sun began to sink, one gal was still out there peeling off picture-perfect three-woods. It was like butter.

As with many of the juniors who competed in the Thunderbird, I would occasionally note their subsequent accomplishments in competitive golf, wondering which one was going to be the next Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson or Christie Kerr to emerge from the AJGA. When Blasberg rattled a few cages at U of A down in Tucson (NCAA freshman of the year, Pac-10 player of the year), I was certain that her name was the next to make the list. It’s heartbreaking to realize that she won’t have the opportunity to prove me right. You see, I’m one of those people who didn’t even know her, but it still brings a tear to my eye to know that she’s gone forever. Can’t imagine how her family and friends must feel. God bless you Erica.