Golf courses and kids…there something to love about all of them.

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Doing what we do, quite often we’ll get asked by people “What’s your favorite golf course?” Seems like an easy enough question, right?

Well, for you parents out there, try answering this: which one of your kids is your favorite? Go ahead. Pick one.

Are we equating a golf course to one’s own offspring? Well, in a way – yeah. No matter how ordinary or mundane, a golf course is the realization of someone’s dream. They’ve invested in it with their heart and soul. It matters to them…deeply. And, they have entrusted us to help them shape that dream and present it to the world.

To single one out as a favorite seems a bit unseemly. Truth is…like children…there’s something to love about all of them. The trick is to stop comparing one to another and just enjoy them for what they are.