Fad or Fancy?

  |   cl blog

I’m no skier, but I gotta believe the true-blue ski buff of the ‘70s and ‘80s looked down their sun-blistered noses at the teenagers swooshing around them on snowboards. Snowboarders invading the sanctuary of my weekend ski outing? Absurd. It’ll never take off. It’s just a fad. I also gotta believe that’s how many (most?) of today’s golfers are looking at this new fad called Foot Golf. California is all abuzz. Minnesota claims 80 golf courses in their state will offer it within the next few years. Billy Casper Golf warns us that Foot Golf will be available at nearly ALL of their golf courses SOON. Are you kidding me? Soccer on the golf course? Wonder how long this fad will last. Hmm. On the other hand, maybe Foot Golf can do for the golf industry what snowboarding did for the skiing industry – make it more fun and bring more people to the sport. I don’t know. Just sayin’! What do you think?