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The Power of Tiger

Today, Communication Link's client, Bluejack National, released the first in a series of videos entitled “The Making of Bluejack”. The first installment introduces the formative partners, including Tiger Woods, showcases the lush beauty of the property and provides a first look at the Bluejack National...

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14 November
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Fad or Fancy?

I’m no skier, but I gotta believe the true-blue ski buff of the ‘70s and ‘80s looked down their sun-blistered noses at the teenagers swooshing around them on snowboards. Snowboarders invading the sanctuary of my weekend ski outing? Absurd. It’ll never take...

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30 July
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Gone Fishin’

Dave just got back from his annual Canadian fishing trip – 21st year in a row.  He took a few shots to prove to all of us here at CommLinks that he can actually catch fish.  We can’t really prove that these are his, though! ...

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18 June
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Come see our new digs!

The boxes are gone, the walls are decorated and Dave's kachinas are organized! The Communication Links crew has officially moved into the new office and we are loving it! Come stop by or check out the photos below! Communication Links 8151 E. Indian Bend, Suite 100 Scottsdale, AZ...

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06 May