the cl team

The balance of the Communication Links team is comprised of golf-savvy professionals trained in public relations, journalism, marketing and graphic design. Several of our associates are award-winning golf marketing professionals. Together, our team represents more than 100 years of experience in golf-related marketing communications. As a unit, these associates give the firm the ability to offer a full range of marketing services to their clients.

Michael Petty | President

As a recovering golf pro, Mike has been involved in the Arizona golf industry for nearly 30 years. His broad experience ranges from washing golf carts to marketing luxury golf communities, although he never could quite master the former. In addition to pitching in with day-to-day chores, he is a highly regarded counselor and advisor to our many clients. He also is largely responsible for managing the agency’s financial health and new business development. Mike is very active in the community, serving on the board for many charitable organizations. When not at the office, he splits taxi time with his wife shuttling their three children.


Dave Gilbertson | APR, General Manager

After graduating from college like a million years ago Dave packed up and moved to the Valley of the Sun from Minnesota. Since then he has amassed nearly 30 years experience in public relations, marketing and advertising, with the past 21 years focused solely on the golf industry and his growing handicap. As the general manager of the firm, he claims to be responsible for the day-to-day operations – the rest of the office just says he’s a good delegator. Dave is a member of The Phoenix Thunderbirds, serves on the board of directors for The First Tee of Phoenix and actively supports many civic-minded endeavors. After punching the time clock at the end of the day, he can be found chasing after either or both of his two children.


Jerry Rose | APR, Vice President

One of a few rare Arizona natives, Jerry grew up in the Litchfield Park area of west Phoenix and went on to earn a BS from Northern Arizona University. He has been with Communication Links from its beginning in ’93, back when he was relegated to hammering out press releases on his Brother WP. Since then, he has played a pivotal role within the company as a worker bee, consigliere and the firm’s out-of-the-box brainstorming specialist: at times, way out of the box. When not in the office, Jerry enjoys golf as well as a multitude of active pursuits that keep him, his wife and their four sons (yes, FOUR) in perpetual motion.


Rob Myers | Vice President

The Myers clan relocated to Glendale, Arizona from upstate New York back when Rob was just a wee lad. He went on to earn a BS from Northern Arizona University prior to joining Communication Links in ’94 where he put his public relations degree to good use as the Director of Media Relations for the Waste Management Phoenix Open, among other duties. When not at the office or spending time with his wife and two children, he enjoys a number of outdoor pursuits including golf and hunting for Bambi’s dad.


Jim Martin | Chief Digital Officer

Jim joined the Communication Links team in 2009, bringing with him more than 25 years of experience as a big shot in traditional media and the technology sector. He’s the techo-geek responsible for prying Communication Links from the analog world and re-launching it into the digital universe. Spend ten minutes with Jim, and it becomes glaringly obvious that he’s the right guy for the job. On the rare occasion when he’s not gleefully plugged into The Matrix, Morpheus (i.e. Jim) can be found teeing it up with his usual Saturday four-ball. The guy’s a golf fanatic. He fits in nicely around here.


Jeff Locke | Associate

Locke moved to the Valley from Wisconsin in 1985, and went on to earn a BA from Northern Arizona University (yes, another NAU grad). Once bitten by the golf bug, he spent a few years as an assistant pro at Grayhawk Golf Club before making his way to Communication Links in 2002. Turned out to be a good career move; unlike Kaplan, the cart kids were taking his tip money. Now that he has a real job, Jeff manages a handful of clients in addition to pitching in whenever something needs to be thoroughly screwed up. When off the clock, he can be found spending time with his wife and two youngsters.


Chris Kaplan | Associate

Chris grew up with the game of golf in his native state of Ohio. During that time he worked at various golf clubs while earning a degree in marketing from Ohio University – couldn’t get into the real one. Shortly after graduation, he left Cleveland for Scottsdale where he landed at the Phoenician as an assistant pro. There he aspired to play the game for a living, but when he realized that his earnings were limited to tip money he took off the cart kids in a Nassau; he joined the Comm Links team in 2007.


Andrea Minogue | Art Director

A Michigan native, Andrea graduated from the Al Collins… (Oops)… Kendall College of Art and Design with a BA in Visual Communications. She then spent nearly two years working in the graphic design field for a firm based in New Jersey. After coming to her senses, she moved to Scottsdale to take a position with Communication Links in 1999 where she helps the rest of the slobs make everything look presentable. When not at the office whipping up a variety of visually appealing pieces, she enjoys traveling, reading and spending quality time with her husband, two sons and two dogs (not listed in any particular order).


Blake Found | Web / Graphic Designer

Blake joined the team in 2009 shortly after earning a BS in Visual Communications for Arizona State University. He leverages those skills with the company to create websites as well as engaging in other forms of digital witchcraft. When not at work drinking enough Dr. Pepper to float a battleship, he enjoys photography, hiking, building stuff, watching movies and playing pool. Golf is conspicuously absent. Probably for the best; it may prompt him to switch over to something a bit harder than Dr. Pepper.


Cindy Flynn | Office Manager

As the office manager and schoolmarm, Cindy’s responsibilities run the gamut from bookkeeping to ordering lunch. She joined the Communication Links team in 2001 after spending several years with Antigua. When not at work, she can be found searching for the newest addition to her antiques collection. In fact, you may see her someday on “Antiques Roadshow.” She and her husband raised two boys together who, now in their late 20s, have long since struck out on their own (the rest of the office is envious).